Saturday, 16 September 2017

Twin Point Mandolins

My Twin-Point mandolin has subtly evolved over the years and here you can see all for them from the first maple one built in 2007 to the present. The head shape, bridge design and my own handmade tailpiece are the obvious changes and quite a few have custom features too! I‘ve just limited myself to a couple of selected photos per instrument (in most cases!)
The first.....

"The Red Mandolin"

 Quilted Maple

English walnut with cast Dean tailpiece
Richard supplied the cast Brian Dean tailpiece for his mandolin, which got me thinking about the development of my own design. You can hear Richard playing his mandolin here. The accompanying guitar is also Richard, playing a Nava Model Two guitar. Many thanks!

 English walnut

Cocobolo and Adirondack, "F" style head
At Brendan's request, this was the first of the F style heads 

Cocobolo and Adirondack

Cocobolo and Adirondack

3 piece Cocobolo back with custom "Family Tree" inlay

English Walnut and Adirondack

Indian Rosewood and Adirondack

Cocobolo and Adirondack with a touch of abalone


#14 Cocobolo and Red spruce
More details of my twin-points and other mandolins can be found on here my website

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Electric Mandolins

I’ve always enjoyed making the odd solid bodied instrument; I like the sculptural feel that you get when shaping a large solid piece of wood. Below are two of my solid bodied e-mandos; one with an ash body (2013) and the other maple (2014). Both have blade style humbuckers and piezo transducers in the bridge. You may notice the family resemblance to my Model 2 instruments!

Custom left handed version (2016)

Twin Humbucker + 19 Fret neck (New design 2017)

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Octave Mandolin

Here is my octave mandolin (2016)- this particular version has (at the client's request) a tailpiece for ball end strings.

Friday, 1 January 2016

4 String Classical Guitar

Here is another bespoke instrument built to a client’s unique specification: a short scale (625mm), 4 string, classical guitar based on my parlour guitar design.